Serious Mealworm Farm starter kit - 5,000 mealworms - 500 beetles

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Raising your own mealworms is a smart and cost effective way to keep your chickens and pets consistently eating well and staying happy. Mealworms are high in protein and animals fed a high protein diet will thrive. 

 This kit is a simple way to get started mealworm farming and is designed to help you quickly achieve a high level of mealworm production

 As your mealworms naturally mature into beetles, the beetles will lay eggs which then hatch into more mealworms. We supply young mealworms which helps them acclimate to whatever climate you live in. This helps with a higher survival rate as your worms transition into beetle. Your new farms natural cycle and reproduction will then continue so you never have to buy mealworms again. Allow your farm to get as big as you need 

This kit includes at least 

  1. 5,000+ Mealworms
  2. 500 Darkling Beetles

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Mealworm Farming CO-OP

Here you can find plenty of support and information to assist you every step of the way

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